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Álvaro Escalona´s Statement (Málaga, 1985). Composer and Sound Artist.

His current compositional line is developed around experimentation with  creating electroacoustic and instrumental musical works, video creation and soundscapes, developing projects in the last two years that have to do with zoomusicology, sounds of cetaceans, marine animals and acoustic pollution. An example of this is his cycle of works “Whale fall”, composed for saxophone, violoncello, percussion, electronics and video creation, which was premiered at the Café Concerto Francisco Beja in November 2019, Porto (Portugal).
He alternated the studies at the Conservatorio Superior de Música de Málaga with studies in artistic photography during his youth. After completed his Degree in Composition in 2012 in Málaga, he continued the musical studies at the Superior School of Music, Arts and Entertainment in Oporto (Portugal), studying the Master in Composition and Music Theory. Later, he obtained the Master in Composition of Electroacoustic Music at the Katarina Gurska Higher School in Madrid (2017-2018). In his professional career, Álvaro was awarded the First Prize in the CASA DA MÚSICA/ESMAE Composition Competition with a piece written for an orchestra of 100 flutes, 100 clarinets and 100 saxophones, which was premiered at the concert on the occasion of the World Music Day at the Casa da Música Auditorium in Oporto, October 2015. He was also awarded the First Prize “University and Athenaeum of Malaga” for his work “Osedax”, written for baritone saxophone and electronics (2019).

In the artistic field, he standed out for collaborations with David Escalona (his brother) for whom he has composed some electroacoustic works and sound installations, such as the one that accompanied the video installation of the following exhibitions: “Con olor a Sangre en la nariz”, in Condes de Gabia Hall in Granada, “Polvo de Avispa”, at the International Art Fair ARCO for the ONCE foundation, and  “Para qué quiero pies”, in Málaga.
In 2017, participated in the collective exhibition “Des-arraigo”, curated by Regina Pérez Castillos through the program Iniciarte, where he developed a sound installation based on the kinematics and poetics of sound.
In December 2020, opens a sound installation at the Museum of Contemporary Art of Seville (CAAC) that is part of the group exhibition "Between the forms that go towards the serpent and the forms that seek the glass" curated by Roxana Gazdzinski and Joaquín Jesús Sanchez.


Álvaro Escalona. CV/Resume.

-“Selfportrait”, CAAC Sevilla 2020. Sound Installation for quadraphonic sound system and Wooden seating benches with mirrored vinyls.

- Whale Fall. Cycle of 5 compositions based on Songs and sounds of whales, for 2 saxophones, cello, percussion, electronics and video. Tey will be premiered at the Café Concerto “Francisco Beja” 23Th November 2019.

- Active composer in the Manuel de Falla Chair 2018/2019 (Seville/Cádiz). And premiere on November 18th of the Work "Gibraltar" by the Ensemble "Taller Sonoro", in the Spanish Music Festival of Cadiz.

- Various collaborations with the plastic artist David Escalona, through the composition of electroacoustic works, and sound installations highlighting “with smell of blood in the nose" (tape for video installation) Condes de Gabia room, Granada 2011. “Maizal" (tape), IV Biennial of Art of the ONCE, in the palace Conde Duque of Madrid, 2012. Arco, ONCE foundation with "Avispa powder" (tape), Madrid 2013. And sound and audio installation for video installation "Para qué quiero pies" in Espacio iniciarte, Muelle
Uno. Málaga 2015.

- CKG of Madrid, premiere of the work "Osedax", for baritone and electronic saxophone (January 2019).

- Collaboration, with a electroacoustic composition for the poetic recital "Daniel, Voces de un duelo" by Chantal Maillard and Piedad Bonnett. Malaga International Poetry Festival. November 2018.

- Sound installation. Collective exhibition "Des-arraigo", Iniciarte. Curated by Regina Pérez Castillos. 2017.

- Composition "Seguiriya" for solo tenor saxophone, 100 futes, 100 clarinets and 100 saxophones. Casa da Música, Porto. On the occasion of World Music Day. October 1, 2015.

- Performance "Apus-Apus", for cello, real-time electronics and two dancers. Café concert "Milho eléctrico", ESMAE. May 2013. Porto.

- Los sueños de Papageno" (Papageno's Dreams), a musical creation for a great ensemble and video in real time, within the musical-theatrical project "A flauta mágica, a historia verdadeira", under the musical direction of Dimitris Andrikopoulos. It was premiered in Oporto at the Teatro Helena sa e Cosa (THSC), in June 2013.

- Primas obras", collaboration. Original music for cello, tape and electronics in real time, premiered in the sample of young creators under the company "Inestável". Campo Alegre Teatre. May 2013, Porto.

- Composition "Romance Sleepwalker" for percussionist, flamenco dancer and electronic in real time, "Sala Preta” of ESMAE. September 2012.

- Active collaborator in the Festival ESMAE-IPP within the section "Sound Art". Intervention/Performance in the Bolhão Municipal Market with the interactive performan-
ce "salada sonora", in May 2012 (Porto).

- Videocreation "Dante" at the Konzertsaal, of the Haydn Conservatory in Eisenstadt. And work for camera formation "nube gris", (2 singers: Mezzo Soprano and Contral-
to, Violin, Viola, Cello and Prepared Piano). Eisenstadt,Austria. 19-5-2011.


- Active composer in the Cátedra Manuel de Falla 2018/2019 (Seville/Cádiz). With the premiere of a work for percussion and electronics "Gibraltar", during the Spanish Music Festival of Cadiz, by the ensemble "Taller Sonoro". The 18th of November of 2019.

- First Prize of Musical Composition, "Ateneo/Universidad de Málaga 2018" for the work "Osedax" for baritone saxophone and recorded electronics.

- First Prize of Composition Casa da Música/Esmae, for the work "Seguiriya" for 300 musicians. 2015.

2 weeks residency as composer in "Haydn, The Progressive”, Eisenstadt, Austria. 2011.

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© 2017. por Álvaro Escalona.

Fotografía de  David Escalona

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